Julian Dai

Hello! My name is Julian Dai.

I am currently an undergraduate student studying math and computer science at Brown University. This summer, I joined Atlas, a systems lab @ Brown run by Prof. Nikos Vasilakis. As a member of the lab, I contribute towards projects aiming to automate protections against software supply-chain threats, specifically in the Javascript ecosystem.

Right now, my plan is to learn more about systems and cloud related areas, like distributed systems and virtualization, but I'm also eager to explore new domains, especially those with meaningful problems. Future research interests might include deep learning and computer vision, databases, and programming languages.

Outside of work, you'll find me unwinding by playing tennis and chess, reading novels and philsophy, and enjoying the great outdoors—I especially love to fish and hike!

If you're looking to connect, please reach out! I'm most easily reachable by email.